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I just registered and paid $39.90 to have all the missing device drivers downloaded onto my computer from Driver Detective. While the initial process of downloading their software and paying was speedy and flawless, I was not given the opportunity to complete my registration, provide a password or receive a 'REGISTRATION KEY'.

I phoned the number listed and all I got from them was the same 1 for technical 2 for accounting...etc., etc.

No real help whatsoever. I requested a refund but of course, that's also done through sending an email request to get your money back...WHAT A JIP...I highly recommend that you DON'T use this company..under any circumstances...

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Daly City, California, United States #740522

I had the same experience as others shown below. I was looking for a device driver for my 4 port ethernet router, and what I got was a program which HP provides FREE (for the all-in-one printer) and 3 updates for Windows XP.

Nothing for the router which I wanted.

I feel cheated. :sigh

Fairfield, California, United States #735418

I can't believe all you m0r0ns actually paid for this, lol. Guarantee it was some ad on a popup message and not only did you click it; you GAVE THEM CREDIT CARD INFO, hahahahahahahah.

I've been working with computers for over 12 years since college and I didn't think ANYONE clicked on those things. But here you all are, hahahaha. Thanks for making my day.

Next time; pay a real technician to fix it (and no, Geeksquad does not hire educated techs). This is all of you: :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Safecart is now taking this to a very dangerous place. After buying into what I also thought was a Microsoft supported driver update product, to the tune of $49.90, I was given an 888 (U.S.) number to call to install it and told that I had to GIVE THEM CONTROL of my computer.

Having been stung once before I told them that I would check with Microsoft directly regarding this as they made me very leary. So PLEASE, PLEASE beware. I kissed the money goodbye and thanked my instincts for not letting them into my computer.

There is much more at stake here than just money now.


This site is a scam! I couldn't even get the registration key password, because there are no Registration button where I can get the password. I'm waiting for a refund or at least for help but all had was is silly message telling how to delete one part of the Tool Driver file.


I have had the same result as some of the above...paid for repair my drivers and same issue...could not get into the account to do anything.

Somebody should put a stop to rip off companies like this...Please!!!


I have had the same result as some of the above...paid for repair my drivers and same issue...could not get into the account to do anything.

Somebody should put a stop to rip off companies like this...Please!!!



We are sorry to hear of the problems you have had regarding your service. Here at SafeCart we take your complaints seriously. We will be happy to assist you in regards to this complaint. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-432-0727 M-F 6am to 5pm PST



SafeCart Customer Service

Gradyville, Kentucky, United States #446128

Kindly,stopp charging my account for § 39.90 for nothing. I've not asket or ordered anything. How did you get into my account?


hands away from this "Driver Detective" !! they want only your money - that's all !!

:cry :(


This didn't work for me either. The Company should either fulfil its claims or be shut down.


In December 2011) I was searching for the latest driver for my graphics card and I was referred to a website that looked like a Microsoft. I ended up downloading the "Driver Tool" (same as “Driver Detective”) program and I was ordered to pay something in a region of £35 (with VAT).

In the moment of madness, I paid for this program and I received the validation key. I entered the key into the program and I tried to download the driver. Unfortunately, as I found out, before I can download the driver I need to get into my account. I cannot get into my account, because I need a password. I do not have a password, because I was never given an option to set one up. Other than that I am asked to pay again and again. I am in a loop I cannot break out of.

The software does not work, so it is absolutely of no use to me.

I think that the procedure is deliberately designed to trap you into false sense of security that you are buying from a Microsoft approved site and then you are in a loop and if not careful you will end up paying again and again. God knows. I have not checked my credit card yet.

I uninstalled the program and at first I asked the software providers via e-mail for their help and then for a refund . They answered, asking me to send them the proof of payment from SafeCart and promised the problem will be solved immediately. I did, but now I cannot seem to get anyone to reply. I keep on sending my messages to both, the software company and to SafeCart who collected the payment, but I cannot get any reply from anyone.

This is extremely frustrating. It is impossible to resolve the problem without communication with these companies.

I believe that there is fraud involved, because over the years I bought tonnes of goods and services via internet and have never encountered a situation like this.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?


I too "bought" into this scam. I don't recall getting to a payment section. Whatever, the case , it did nothing for me, but didn't destroy anything.


The DriverMender software ran a free scan of my computer and stated a number of problems with my system. I registered and paid $29.95 through for the software to update and install the missing drivers but It doesn't fix ANY of my PC drivers problems as described.



i sighned up with sarecart for £23 96 to solve a coruped file this was not sorted then i sighed up with reg cure at £32 09 this still did not sort the problem when i checked my bank statment thees are the same company iv emaild them but get no rfply


I had the very same result with driver detective;I was also not given the opportunity to complete the registration nor did I seceive my registration key: Unfortunately the Internet is full of shysters like this and Idiots like us who continueously take the bait: The disturbing thing is that I got the link for them while using a certified Microsoft link: :


downloaded this for my husband and has completely ruined his laptop,cost me a *** of a lot to fix and still not ok.

Sent emails and get a message back from the postmaster that there is no an email address to which I have written,and try phoning thats a no go area as well.AVOID THIS COMPANY SCAM OR WHAT.


j'ai achete votre logiciel de mise à jour de drivers celui ci a disparu de mon ordinateur et je n'ai que des ennuis! par contre j'ai bien été débité de 47euros72.

cela à un nom c'est pas tres regulier je dirais même cela semble franchement malhonnête!

comptez vous me rembourser ou dois-je porter plainte? sans réponse de votre part bien entendu

roubert.jeanjacques arobase


Crashed my computer. Need a new driver to install PC Maximizer as purchased on August 14, 2010 8:32pm.Have Key numbers from date of purchase. Need driver Please send.



This download safecart called Driver Mendor just about ruined my pc.

I am pissed and want a refund.

What *** it does nothing and ruined my computer actually you should pay to repair my computer.



SafeCart is one of the Internet's leading credit card payment services. We primarily transact digitally downloaded products like software, ebooks and the like. With support for over 26 currencies, we provide digital download product publishers a way to accept online payments for their products.

I am sorry to hear about the problems you had experienced when contacting us. Our Customer Support team can be reached toll free at 1-877-370-9229. We are available to take your calls Monday through Friday from 9:00am PST until 5:00pm PST. There are also prompts to tell you which extension you need depending on what the issue at hand is. You can also reach us through email at

Please write or call us and we will be happy to help you.

Best wishes,


SafeCart Customer Support

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