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My computer started ringing and to call this number. You have been hacked.

I could not get it to stop. I tried to turn it off and it would not turn off. I unplugged the computer and waited 10 minutes and plugged it back in and it was doing the same thing. I called the number and they said they can fix it.

They said they are with microsoft and they can they will fix it for $ 199.99. I said ok and they worked on it. I gave them my card and they charged me twice.

They charge $200.00 and $249.99. I called them up to get my refund and they hanged up on me 4 times.

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I had a fraud charge on my account and I cannot get my money refunded.


Hello, SafeCart, a leading ecommerce cart, provides a secure and easy-to-use payment method for consumers purchasing goods online. We are sorry to hear of any problems you have encountered with your transaction/purchase, and please understand that we do take your complaint seriously.

The Automatic Renewal Service keeps your software current with the latest program updates and enhancements. The service automatically charges the current renewal subscription fee (plus applicable taxes) to your account before your licence or service expires so that you do not experience a disruption. You may turn off the Automatic Renewal Service at any time by logging into your SafeCart account at by calling our Customer Care Team.

Our Customer Care line (1-855-432-0727) is open 5 days a week from 6am to 6pm PST. Warm regards, Jennifer SafeCart Customer Service

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