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I am a senior citizen, did not to my knowledge, give" Safecart" authorization to make any deductions to my credit card. I have called to no avail. I demand all moneys taken and be reinstated.

Ref # 811618090014

Another company that I contacted to stop making deductions on my credit card is

"MyLife ". I cannot make them understand that i have no profile on their link.

Ref # 810887900249.

Both of these companies have been doing this for months. I need my money and request this please stop. It is apparently possible for anyone to obtain a credit card number, when i have ordered from on line on my computer. It is fraud and if this doesn't help, I will send this letter to my Texas Attorney General.

Peggy McDaniel

913 Tamara

Athens, Texas 75751

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I did not authorize payment to this company. How do I get it stopped or removed.

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