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Out of the clear blue,something or sombody called safe cart is taking money from my checking account thru pay pal without my consent.I use pay pal often, and have always been very pleased with them, but Im pissed at them also right now!

They have always asked my permission before taking money from my account, but not this time! They just informed me that it had been done! They tell me I can cancel safe cart if I want, but not this time around! It was only 9.95 the first time, and I let it go, but now they took another 29.95.

Its just a pain in my back side to have to go to the bank and get it turned in a scam, but some things you just cant let go!Where is the justice system when these creeps strike?

Monetary Loss: $40.


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I have never had a pay card PayPal or safecart. This is a scam

Maitland, Florida, United States #1260060

When I subscribed to safecart, over the phone, they tried to say that my bank would not approve them.They then got me to let them take control over my computer.

They then tried to get me to log into my BANK ACCOUNT while they were watching. Then, when I said I wouldn't let them, they said they 'would dissconect' and I could proceed. I discontinued they chat; and they started screaming at me, "You Lie!!!!!!!!!!! You Lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You a Liar!!!!!!!!!" and then they hung up.

I reported it to my bank.I still got charged.

Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #1248553

You bought something online and the payment was processed by Safecart. Search through your e-mails until you find the payment confirmation. That's your e-order confirmation and should show the merchant.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia #1237468

Yeah, message on my email (subject line), re money taken for renewal.Who the f*** is SafeCart??

I don't even use PayPal. $49.95 AUD taken c/- my credit card.

What renewal....??

Didn't open email for fear of downloading something..., but checked my bank account immediately, where this payment for whatever is "pending".

Called the bank immediately and they are intervening debit as we speak.My credit card cancelled, which is a humbug until new one arrives.

Who are these F******??!#%!*!??

San Jose, California, United States #1219710

Contact PayPal and File a Claim, they can help you out. Especially if you don't authorized it.


This must have something to do with Paypal. I found a charge from SafeCart $19.97. Paypal does not make it easy to investigate either.I'll have to close my Paypal account today also.

Thank you for the heads up about this scam.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1199427

same here got scammed and don't now how.Have PayPal account didn't find out till got a renew debt on my card when I never made and order from them six months ago for spyhunter software for windows, I use Linux but system did go down @ same time and cost to get my system up was very large lost for my business to get it back up and running why would some one buy windows soft wear when using linux system?

I called them at given number and they were very rude and said will give me back the 39.99 for renew but what about the first purchase I never made!and now have to go through last six months of my statements to see how many more times they got me.


Up yeah, I just noticed a debit in my account for $14.95 and I am pretty peaked myself, I don't remember seeing any other charges when I used Walmart or Paypal or Costco.I think if you used one of these they may be charging you.

I won't be using these services anymore.They sneak in disclaimers and you can't read every word, I'll be fighting too.


I agree I don't even use PayPal and they took 49.00 from my account just now how do I get it back and get them out of my account information. If any ideas please email me at graciep118@gmail.com I never received any information from them and I haven't even bought anything. Thank you pissed in nyc

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1082139

well work this one out - apparently USD $29.95 converts to $237.74 Australian. Hello?

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